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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Modifying / Pimping Feed Burner

Quick Guide to Make Recent Post & Recent Comment

If you visit to many blog, You will usually see the writing would be "Recent Post" and "Recent Comment", in Bahasa Indonesia call "Artikel terbaru" and "Komentar terbaru".

Now the tips and tricks on this blog I had been discussing how to create Recent Posts and Recent Comment using Feedburner. In this article, I wanted to share how to create Recent Posts and Recent Comment without using Feedburner, with a faster way.

How to create Recent Posts and Recent Comment use feeds:

1. Login your account Blogger

2. Choose Layout

3. Choose Feed

4. Enter this web address :

- For recent article / post :
- For recent comment :

5. Finish

In Feed menu tersebut, you can specify how many recent articles and recent comments to display.

Make A FavIcon to your Site / Blog

>link href="http://domain_fav_icon/Fav_icon_name.ico" rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon"<>/link<
>link href="http://domain_fav_icon/Fav_icon_name.png" rel="icon" type="image/png"<>/link<


{link rel="shortcut icon" href="http://domain_fav_icon/Fav_icon_name.ico" /}




'{' equates to '<' '}' equates to '>'

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blog trik

Trik : Read More (Very Simple)

Blogger has introduced After the Jump a  new feature which lets you create expandable post summaries in your blog posts, so longer posts appear as an intro with a link to Read More at the bottom.

Creating jump breaks in your blog posts can be easily done right from the post editor, without the need for any HTML changes.

Two way  / alternative to make a Read More link

1. Place mouse cursor at the jump point, simply click the Insert Jump Break toolbar icon:

2. add this code into the post editor:

>!-- more --<

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