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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hack : Add Animated Image Icon Before Post Titles in Blogger / Blogspot

Find or Upload Image Icon To Insert Before Blogger Post Titles :
1. You must find an suitable icon to place in your blog. The maximum size of your icon should be 50*50 pixels.
2. You may search on Google  or Google Images with search phrases like “Animated icons”, “Animated logos”, “Animated avatar” and choose an image.
3. See if the image you have choosen is not protected under any copyright law.
4. Try to get an icon which blends perfectly with your blog theme/background.
5. Upload your icon to any image hosting site such as ImageShack, PhotoBucket, TinyPic or Picasa etc, and get the link to your image.
Hack HTML Code Layout For Your Image Icon :
1. You must getting the link to your image icon.
2. Follow below template code to make a HTML code using the link to your animated icon.
<img src="Link%20Your%20Image%20LINK" style="border-width: 0px;" />
3. Change the text LINK YOUR IMAGE LINK with the link to your image

Editing HTML Layout To Insert Image Code
1. Login to your blogger dashboard.
2. Navigate to Settings > Layout > Edit HTML.
3.  Expand Widget Templates by clicking the box next to it.
4. Search for the below code in your template by pressing Ctrl+F on your browser
<b:if cond="data:post.url"></b:if>
5. Add your image HTML code just above this code in your template.
Save the template and you are done.

Now you can see an animated image icon before all your post titles on blogger/blogspot. You can also apply this trick to add some special/sticky notes before your post titles. Simply post your text in place of the image icon code in your blogger template code and you are done.

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