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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Step By Step Backup / Export Your Blogger/

How do I import and export blogs on Blogger?


Default import and export features on Blogger make your content a whole new range of portability and freedom, allowing you to create copies of your own blogs as well as import them into other existing ones. Best of BlogSpot maker/admin made this a very simple process!

A. Import as a New Blog

To import content as a brand new blog, click Create a Blog from your dashboard.

Then under Advanced Options, click the Import Blog Tool

Finally, choose the Blogger export file (.xml) from your hard drive and fill out the word verification. Click the Upload arrow and your new bog will be created instantly!

B. Import Into an Existing Blog

To import posts and comments into an already existing blog, start by clicking Import Blog from the existing blog's Settings | Basic tab.

Note: Your template will not be affected by the imported content.

Next, choose a Blogger export file (.xml) from your hard drive and fill out the word verification beneath. By default, all of your imported posts will remain unpublished until you publish them from your dashboard later. However, if you would rather have all posts published immediately, make sure to check the box next to Automatically publish all imported posts before you click Import Blog.

If you did not choose to have your posts publish automatically, you will need to manually publish them from the Posting | Edit Posts tab before they will appear on the web. You can either publish all the posts at once by clicking Publish all imported posts, or publish individual posts by selecting them and then clicking Publish Selected.

Exporting Your blog

To export your blog, simply click Export Blog from the Settings | Basic tab.

Finally, click the Export Blog button. You blog will be stored as a Blogger export file (.xml) file which can be kept as a backup on your hard drive or imported into another blog.

Note: Exported blogs are not deleted from your dashboard or

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